Hand-Pounded 9/10/12 Notes in D Minor Cosmos Handpan with Tambourine Gift Set


Handpans are a recent addition to the world of musical instruments. They are gaining popularity due to their ethereal, soothing sounds and unique playing techniques. They originated from the steelpan family. You can play handpans with your hands and fingers and it provides a wide range of dynamic tones and melodies. The captivating sound of Cosmos handpan has made their place in various genres such as meditation music, ambient compositions, and contemporary tracks. The handpans produced by Cosmos are hand-pounded. It makes sure that each instrument receives individual attention. The artisans use a technique to improve the structural integrity, and tonal quality of the handpan and to make each note that resonates with clarity and warmth. This handpan comes in 9,10 and 12 notes which are in the evocative key of D Minor. It offers a choice for players of different skill levels and musical preferences. Additionally, the material and finish of Cosmos handpan are carefully chosen to provide durability and a visually striking appearance.

Each handpan is amazingly designed to achieve the highest standards of acoustic and aesthetics. These handpans are sculpted through a labor-intensive hand-pounding technique which makes them unique to machine-made alternatives. The design of the Cosmos Handpan includes a skeek, matte finish that adds to its visual appeal and also increases its durability. To protect it from the elements and wear and tear.

Hand Pounded technique

The hand-pounded technique is an ancient art that demands precision and patience. It is employed in Cosmos Handpan. Each drum is shaped by spending countless hours of hammering to achieve resonance and perfect tone. The outcome is a rich unique sound that deeply resonates which a machine production cannot replicate. The Cosmos handpan is a masterpiece and absolutely influences the auditory experience. 

Material and Finishing of Handpan

The Cosmos handpan is made from high-quality steel. The steel is treated to prevent it from corrosion and rust and to ensure longevity. It has a durable finish that allows you to use it regularly or transport it. It is an excellent choice for studio recordings and live performances.

Note Variations

The Cosmos handpan is available in three distinct note configurations. These are 9,10 and 12 notes all in the key of D Minor. Each configuration offers unique possibilities for the expression of music. It can cater to different preferences of players and skill levels.

9-Note Configuration

The 9-note configuration provides minimalistic and powerful ranges of notes. This setup is ideal for beginners who don’t know how to use a handpan perfectly. The fewer notes make it easier to learn the instrument and harmonious melodies. Despite being simple, this handpan offers a rich and full-bodied sound that can be beautifully expressive.

10 Note Configuration

This configuration offers a balance between simplicity and versatility. It provides an expanded range of notes as compared to the 9-note configuration. It allows for more intricate melodies and harmonies. This configuration is perfect for intermediate players who want to excel in their skills. The additional note of complexity allows the musicians to experiment with more diverse musical styles.

12-Note Configuration

The 12-Note Configuration is most versatile and offers the broadest range of notes. This setup is designed for experienced players as it contains greater creative freedom and an extensive melodic palette. The musicians can easily create perfect compositions and complex rhythms and scales. The 12-note handpan provides a rich and resonant sound and makes it ideal for professional performances and recording sessions.

How do Note Variations Affect Playability and Sound?

The different note variations significantly impact playability and sound.  A 9-note handpan offers a straightforward playing experience with a focus on simplicity and ease. It helps to produce relaxing and therapeutic soundscapes. The 10-note handpan offers balance but it is not a complex one. It helps to perform a range of genres such as traditional and contemporary. It offers the right mix of complexity and accessibility. Meanwhile, the 12 Note handpan allows for a complex and intricate musical expression and it requires a higher skill level to navigate. Its extensive range includes complex compositions, live performances, and studio recordings.

The Tambourine Gift Set

The Cosmos handpan comes with the tambourine gift set. It is a high-quality professional-grade instrument specifically designed to complement the beauty of the handpan. It features a sturdy wooden frame with a natural finish. This provides durability and a comfortable grip for prolonged play. The tambourine is also equipped with double rows of jingles which are made from high-grade metal. It delivers a bright and resonant sound that can cut through a mix effortlessly. It measures 22 inches in diameter which is perfect for both studio recordings and live performances.

The handpan offers a melodic and harmonic foundation with rich and resonant tones. The tambourine produces a bright and percussive element that increases the overall musical experience. The combination of these two instruments creates a dynamic and textured soundscape and allows for greater versatility in musical expression. The Cosmos Handpan and Tambourine Gift set is ideal for musicians who want to broaden their instrumental palettes and explore new creative avenues. Together, they provide a balanced and comprehensive toolkit for musical exploration suitable for both solo and group performances.

Healing and Meditative Benefits

The Cosmos handpan is known for its healing and meditative benefits. The soothing and resonant tones of the handpan are perfect for creating calming soundscapes. It is an ideal stone for meditation, stress relief, and mental well-being. Its ability to produce a harmonious and serene environment makes it a valuable addition to yoga sessions, therapy practices, and holistic healing rituals.  The meditative quality of the handpan’s music can help reduce anxiety, improve focus, and promote a sense of inner peace.


The Cosmos handpan is known for its versatility, exceptional sound quality, and therapeutic benefits. It has 9 to 12 configurations according to all skill levels. Eventually, it provides a rich and immersive playing experience. Its soothing sound enhances your musical performances and offers substantial healing and meditative benefits. Visit our website Cosmos Handpan to explore the full range of handpans and accessories.

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