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Introduced by two classmates, Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai, the Kolkata-based outlet Wow! Momo was initiated on 29 August 2008. Coming from St. Xavier’s Kolkata, in their last year of graduation, they decided to offer food lovers an exceptional experience! So, the fundamental thought was to develop an experience that would leave their customers with only a single word, and that is Wow! And they hugely succeeded in doing so. In this post, we are going to show you all the tempting options of this outlet that you can enjoy while in Chennai. Read on to know more!

What Different Food Varieties Are Served By Wow! Momo in Chennai? 

Having various branches across India, this food establishment offers a good selection of momos or dumplings and also offers other things like soup, beverages, sizzlers, and a burger with a predictable twist: it uses a momo instead of a patty and even chocolate-filled momos for dessert! 

1. Steamed Versions

There are many options available in steamed momos, including veg and non-veg. In veg, you can have variations of:

(a) Paneer: This platter is filled with freshly cut veggies, paneer, and some spices and mixed with Indian masala. It is normally served with a tantalising red sauce. 

(b) Veg Darjeeling: This dish includes freshly cut Vegetables like carrot, onion, cabbage, beans, coriander, herbs, and various spices. Its taste is enhanced by spicy red Darjeeling sauce.

(c) Corn cheese: This food consists of shredded cheese and sweet corn mixed with the real flavours of Indian spices. As usual, it is served with tangy red sauce to improve the overall taste.

In non-veg, there is:

(a) Chicken cheese: This dish combines luscious boneless chicken, cheese, herbs, coriander, Indian masala, and tangy red sauce.

(b) Chicken Darjeeling: These types of dumplings are filled with delicate, juicy, and boneless chicken pieces, onion, and coriander, cooked in a mix of herbs and spices. This food is enjoyed well with spicy red Darjeeling sauce.

2. Pan-fried Options

Pan-fried momos are prepared along with the steaming method. So, it is the best choice if you crave the crunchiness of fried platter but wish to eat healthily. In the pan-fried segment, you will get numerous options, such as:

(a) Corn cheese with schezwan sauce: In this dish, hot and crispy corn cheese-fried momos are shuffled in flavourful Schezwan sauce and topped with coriander.

(b) Veg Darjeeling with schezwan sauce: In this dish, crunchy, fried veggie Darjeeling dumplings are mixed in aromatic Schezwan sauce, which is garnished with freshly cut coriander.

(c) Chicken Darjeeling with schezwan sauce: This is another pan-fried variation that includes fried chicken Darjeeling dumplings. They are tossed in fragrant Schezwan sauce and decked with coriander leaves.

3. Tandoori Platters

Tandoori momos are a mixed dish that blends conventional Tibetan dumplings with Indian tandoori cooking methods. Here, you will find two variations of tandoori dishes, such as chicken and paneer. Of Which chicken tandoori version is filled with chicken tikka, green capsicum, red & yellow bell peppers, and Indian spices. In comparison, the paneer tandoori variation is filled with paneer tikka, green capsicum, Indian spices, and red and yellow bell peppers.

4. Momo Burger or Moburg

If you have not tried moburg before, then you do it now. Moburg is a burger with the filling of momos and an ideal meal for anybody on the go. It comes in two varieties: veg and non-veg. The veg moburg offers veggie, cheesy veggie, and corn cheese. The non-veg moburg offers cheesy chicken. All these options are good to go for a fast-food lover.

5. Soups

This eatery has a variety of soups to offer to the customers. They have veg and non-veg thupka and sweet corn soups, which include:

(a) Veg thupka: This is a Tibetan soup made of mixed fresh veggies, noodles, Indian spices, and fresh coriander leaves.

(b) Veg Sweet Corn: This is a thick soup generally cooked using sweet corn paste and served with lots of veggies.

(c) Chicken thupka: This is another Tibetan soup on the list. It consists of vegetables, soft chicken, noodles, Indian masala, and coriander garnishing.

(d) Chicken sweet corn: This is a thick broth normally prepared using sweet corn paste and served with tender chicken.

6. Desserts

If you like momos and chocolates, mix them and have a heavenly treat. Wow! Momo is an expert in making tasty desserts. They offer a chocolate platter in single and four pieces as per the individual’s requirement. This dish includes crispy momo stuffed with brownie, topped with chocolate fudge, and decked with chocolate flakes. This frozen dish is made of quality chocolate and enough to please anybody’s sweet cravings.

7. Beverages

Wow! Momo offers several beverages for its drink aficionados. They have four drinks under their name: Thunderzz Virgin (a Lemon and mint-scented ice-cold fizzy beverage), Thunderzz Orange (an Orange and mint-extracted ice-cold drink), Thunderzz Green Apple (a Green apple-extracted ice-cold drink), and Thunderzz Black Jack (a cumin-essenced ice-cold drink).

They also offer other branded drinks such as Red Bull, Twitch Jamaican, Red Bull Sugar-Free, Coolberg Ginger Non-Alcoholic Beer, Coolberg Peach Non-Alcoholic Beer, Coolberg Cranberry Non-Alcoholic Beer, 7UP Can, and 7UP Pet for all beverage lovers.

8. Dips

You can add a number of dips and flavours to your momo platters, such as:

(a) Cheese: This fragrant and tangy cheesy jalapeno dip is a complete delight with your preferred steamed or fried momos and several delicious burgers.

(b) Mayonnaise: You can spread a tasty eggless mayonnaise dip to add zest to your dish.

(c) Peri Peri: It comes in a seasoning sachet of peri-peri spice mix, which is a good flavouring agent for different savoury dishes.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best meal options that you can relish when ordering from Wow! Momo in Chennai. If you are also craving a momo dish and do not want to leave your comfort zone, then you can pick from the above list and order online using Swiggy. Swiggy is an online food delivery platform offering fresh and culinary food of Chennai directly to people’s doorsteps faster than others.

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