DTC’s Infinity Commercial Center: A Symbol of Construction Excellence

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Dorar Tammam Contracting (DTC) has consistently delivered groundbreaking projects that redefine architectural standards. One of their flagship achievements is the Infinity Commercial Center, a landmark project that exemplifies DTC’s commitment to quality, functionality, and cutting-edge design.

Infinity Commercial Center: A Landmark Project

The Infinity Commercial Center stands as a testament to DTC’s capability in delivering complex and innovative commercial projects. This state-of-the-art facility embodies the company’s commitment to quality, functionality, and modern design. Located prominently on www.dtc.sa, this center integrates the latest in architectural innovation with sustainable practices, setting a new benchmark in commercial real estate development.

Notable Features and Highlights

Modern Architecture:The Infinity Commercial Center blends modern design with functional utility, showcasing DTC’s expertise in dynamic commercial spaces.

Sustainable Design: Focused on eco-friendly practices, the center uses sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems to minimize its carbon footprint and maximize efficiency.

Advanced Facilities: From high-tech offices to retail spaces, the center offers versatile amenities that support diverse commercial activities, emphasizing growth and innovation.

Project Execution: DTC’s meticulous planning and use of advanced technologies ensured timely and budget-conscious construction, maintaining high standards of excellence throughout.

Notable Projects by DTC

DTC’s portfolio is a testament to its versatility and expertise across various sectors. Some of their notable projects include:

1. Hala Mall: Located in Hafr Al Batin, KSA, this prestigious commercial and administrative center spans 300,000 square meters. It features commercial areas, an ice city, a fountain, supermarkets, and 50 shops, highlighting DTC’s dedication to complex retail spaces.

2. Atyaf Avenue Mall: Situated in Al-Khobar Corniche, this mall covers 11,000 square meters of land and 3,300 square meters of building area. Completed in 11 months for Al-Rowaished Group, it showcases DTC’s exceptional construction practices.

3. Al Ajlan Tower: Located in Dammam Corniche, this 17-floor high-rise building includes 2 basements, 1 mezzanine, and 14 typical floors. Delivered in 24 months for Ajlan Saad Ajlan, it highlights DTC’s expertise in high-rise construction.

4. AMC Factory: This barite production facility in Dammam’s 3rd Industrial City spans 136,000 square meters. Delivered in 14 months for AMC, it underscores DTC’s capability in large-scale industrial construction.

5. Ultra Industrial Services Factory: This 26,000 square meter battery factory in Dammam’s 3rd Industrial City was completed in 16 months, setting new standards in quality and efficiency.

6. Al Arje Plastic Factory: Spanning 22,000 square meters in Dammam’s 3rd Industrial City, this project was delivered in just 9 months, exemplifying DTC’s proficiency in advanced manufacturing facilities.

7. Al Yamama Steel Factory: Covering 90,000 square meters in Dammam’s 3rd Industrial City, this project was completed in 12 months, showcasing DTC’s strength in industrial infrastructure.

8. Arabian Rig Manufacturing Factory: This project highlights DTC’s excellence in specialized industrial facilities, reflecting their innovative approach and commitment to quality and safety.

9. Gumpro Factory: Located in Dammam’s 3rd Industrial City, this 25,000 square meter facility was delivered in 10 months, underscoring DTC’s efficiency in industrial building delivery.

10. BASF Factory: This project is a testament to DTC’s expertise in chemical manufacturing facilities, reinforcing their reputation for delivering high-quality industrial buildings.

Future Vision and Commitment

Looking ahead, DTC remains dedicated to shaping the future of construction with innovative projects that meet evolving market demands. Their commitment to excellence, sustainability, and client satisfaction positions them as a leader in the industry. As they continue to expand their portfolio and undertake new ventures, DTC’s legacy of quality craftsmanship and visionary leadership will continue to thrive.

The Future of Construction: 

The Infinity Commercial Center exemplifies DTC’s 20 years of experience in delivering architectural excellence and innovation in the construction industry. As DTC continues to shape the future of construction with transformative projects, their dedication to quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction remains unparalleled. For more information about DTC and their impressive projects.

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