Do You Want to Adopt or Buy a Boykin Spaniel? Let’s Learn About the Dog’s Growing-Up Years!

The hunting dog Boykin Spaniel has a special connection with South Carolina, an exciting subject to prod. As a pet lover, you may have researched this aspect and found how Alexander White adopted a small brown dog outside Spartanburg’s church and named it Dumpy. Seeing the dog’s hunting trait that matched his other retrievers’ caliber, White gave him to dog trainer Whit Boykin, who, amazed by Dumpy’s talent, started breeding him with various spaniels in the town of Boykin. The breed became popular in the city and thrived. It remained hidden from the world for a long time before gaining the status of South Carolina’s official dog and recognition as an American dog from the American Kennel Club.

What an excellent journey! However, knowing about any dog from different aspects is necessary before bringing it home. It allows you to ascertain whether the canine can adjust to your home’s environment and you and your family with him. As such, this medium-length dog is well-known for its friendly and energetic behavior. But does it remain so throughout his growth years? For an idea, let’s delve into Behind the Breed: Boykin Spaniel developmental years. The insights will help you decide when to adopt a Boykin and how to care for it.

  • Boykin Spaniel: An overview of growth and development

A 12 to 18 months old dog can be considered fully grown, but that’s more of a generic view. Diet, genetics, exercise, and overall wellness can affect their development. Usually, a Boykin Spaniel grows fully in size by one year. However, his mental and emotional maturity may still need some time to develop. Breeders say dogs’ genes can massively influence their overall maturity. A trustworthy breeder will do a DNA test to understand their health risks and traits. That’s why one must approach only an experienced and reliable breeder for adoption or purchase. 

  • Growing up as a Boykin Spaniel

While these dogs reach full physical size by months 9 to 12, their body can continue growing until 18 months. Due to growth spurts, their nutrition and exercise needs will vary. Hence, monitoring their weight to feed them a proper diet is essential. Another area of concern can be their sexual maturity, which is attained when they reach the age of 6 to 12 months. Females can be sexually mature by age four months, though. A pet owner must know this to make the correct decisions about spaying and neutering, which also affect their development. Neutering can be a crucial step in dog care for its health, but it can modify their energy and behavior. Now, let’s look into how they grow throughout their developmental stages.      

  1. A journey from newborn to 2 weeks

Boykin Spaniels need their mothers’ support and care in the first two weeks. Newborns cannot see or hear anything, and they cannot control their body temperature. Hence, this early stage of life focuses on sensory growth and development.

  1. A journey of puppies and adolescents

Boykin Spaniels explore the world around them and build their coordination skills when they are three to six months older. During this phase, they also interact with their siblings and develop social habits. With continuous growth, their playfulness and energy levels also increase. Their adolescence begins at six months of age. At this stage, they are almost 75% physically developed by weight. One must pay proper attention to their health because the dogs require a good diet and exercise that aids their growth and energy.

  1. A journey to adulthood

As hinted earlier, they become adults at one or two years of age. Their physical development completes as they achieve their full length and weight. You can also expect them to have acquired their adult temperament. A pet owner should ensure these adult dogs exercise well and remain suitably energetic, a must-have for their overall well-being. If you adopt an adult, ensure to serve them healthy food and engage them in activities that give them happiness. 

  • General curiosity around the size and weight of Boykin Spaniel

Most pet owners wonder when their Boykin Spaniel will be fully grown. They can refer to growth charts to predict their weight and size. These charts measure a puppy’s height and weight at different levels and reflect the data graphically. However, doing this makes sense when you understand that each dog and its growth rate are unique. Growth charts give a general overview. Suppose the puppy is eight weeks old, weighing around 10-12 pounds. You can expect the pup to weigh 20 to 24 pounds by the age of four months. Similarly, a 12-month-old Boykin Spaniel would gain the weight suitable for an adult of his age. 

Now, the next question can be about the dog’s size. It can be challenging to ascertain this due to the role of several influencing factors. Yet, a weight chart can be referred to. If you follow the Boykin Spaniel Society, you will learn that fully grown male species weigh around 30 to 40 pounds and females 25 to 35 pounds on average. Due to varying degrees of muscle mass, their weight and size may differ. Still, their average weight estimation shows that males can be 15.5-18 inches and females 14-16.5 inches in height.

  • Boykin Spaniels’ health and care needs

The good news is this dog breed is one of the healthiest. However, these dogs are also prone to diseases due to their genetic makeup and other circumstances. As a pet owner, you want to know about their health risks to protect them and care well even if something happens. It will also prepare you to make the right decisions at the right time. After all, you must account for medical bills. For example, a dog’s wellness care routine, including vet checkups, health tests for fleas and ticks, and vaccinations, can cost USD$ 200 to 500 on average. It can go up depending on the location. Plus, this expense doesn’t cover injuries and illnesses, which can drive up costs by thousands of dollars due to requiring surgeries, medicines, IVs, and emergency treatment.

Nevertheless, Boykin Spaniels can be susceptible to ear infections, eye problems, hip dysplasia, and collie eye anomaly. All these conditions can be preventable if you take them regularly to the vet for checkups and groom them well with a proper diet. Grooming involves brushing the coat for a healthy shine. Their long, floppy ears should be cleaned appropriately to avoid infection scare. Eyes should be monitored for infection or irritation. If you give Boykin a proper diet and exercise him right, he will live a long, happy life.

  • Boykin Spaniels’ personality and behavior

These adorable dogs are a complete package, standing out for their superior hunting and working abilities and friendly side. These 14 to 18 inches tall dogs come in many colors, such as brown, chocolate, and reddish-brown or liver. You already know they are friendly and energetic. Do you know they are intelligent, too? Of course, you can guess it because of their much-talked-about hunting skills. Like others, you can expect affection and loyalty from them. Pet owners love them because they are easy to train. They pick up commands and tricks fast. Families with kids can go for them without a second thought. 

  • Boykin Spaniel: The choice between a puppy and an adult

Annual maintenance and care costs of nurturing a Boykin Spaniel can range from USD$ 2170 – 6840 on average. It covers everything from purchase, dog supplies, food, grooming, vet care, pet insurance, training, medical emergency, boarding, licensing, etc. Hence, it’s essential to know what you are getting into. Selecting a pup or adult will feel easy if you evaluate your needs and lifestyle choices. Suppose you lead a busy life with little time to spend with your dog. In that case, adults can make more sense. They will have some training, and their behavior will also be settled. Pups demand attention and time to socialize and train.

However, those who want a family pet can choose puppies because they can be trained from early years to fit into their lifestyles. They will also acclimatize to kids. Some people want to have a game dog. For them, an adult Boykin Spaniel will be better. These grownups will have mature hunting and retrieving skills. In this context, it is also essential to consider whether you want a male or female Boykin Spaniel. Males are relatively bigger in height and more energetic, while females may be petite compared to males but easy to train. Hence, choosing between a male or female dog depends on personal preferences and what best fits your family’s needs.

Identifying a Boykin Spaniel, among other breeds, can be a breeze, thanks to their robust and balanced build. Their body has an athletic charm and is agile for their medium height. You can find them enjoying both water and land. Their intelligence makes them both a reliable family pet and a sporting dog. Just keep them happy and healthy so you can enjoy their company for a long time. Also, buy or adopt them from a respected breeder as they bring them up with all the necessary precautions.

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