Design ideas and space-saving tips for decorating small apartments

Decorating small apartments is a tricky task, but in today’s world of compounding land prices, it’s wise to learn the tricks.

Honestly, if you find the right resources and apply the right guidance, it isn’t as tough, either.

Minimalism for the win – that’s all you need to remember – anyway, it’s in the trend these days. Having said that, here are some foolproof tips for your cozy apartment:

Use white and natural light generously

White or light colors make a room appear bigger than it actually is. If your room’s walls are dark in color, such as navy blue or bottle green, it can feel cramped. Consider repainting with soothing colors like beige, off-white, or sky blue. 

You can also replace your existing lights with something that looks more natural. For example, you can install windows that allow more natural light into your home.

Alternatively, you may also install warm white lights opposite the entrance, illuminating the entire room.

Revamp the window sills

Did you know that your window sills are super multi-purpose & most underrated area in your home?

Most homeowners use it to place small, potted plants, but since you have limited space, you can use it for several other purposes.

For example, clean it thoroughly and neatly, place your books, turning it into a little bookshelf. You can even buy DXF files for CNC machines and make metallic laser cutouts of bookends.

Optimally organize your kitchen

Don’t waste space in your kitchen cabinets, and make efficient use of all the empty spaces like the area above the refrigerator or the microwave oven.

For the cabinet doors, you can switch the regular ones with glass doors with a few hanging shelves on them.

If you have the dining table in or near the kitchen and it takes up too much space, replace it with a foldable table that can also be comfortably used as a cooking and food preparation table.

Keep the floor clutter-free

When you’re battling small spaces in your apartment, you might be tempted to keep a lot of things on the floor, such as piles of books.

But remember, your home won’t look or feel good if you can’t comfortably walk around it. Furthermore, an excessive amount of dirt on the floor might lead to slips and injuries at any time.

Opt for floating pieces of furniture, such as shelves and nightstands, so that the floor stays clear of clutter. If you have floor lamps for reading at night, remove them and use scones or wall lights.

Make multiple use of a room

The key tip to designing small spaces is opting for multi-purpose spaces or things.

For example, your living room doesn’t just have to be used for attending to guests. You can place your washing machine or study table in one of the corners so that you don’t have to find a separate space for it.

Paint the object in a manner that complements the color of the living room walls and even decorate it.

Save space in your wardrobe

If you have small wardrobes and have been really annoyed with the mess lately – don’t worry; there are multiple ways to tend to that.

Corner or sloped wardrobes can be a good idea if you have some space beneath the staircase or under sloped roofs. You can replace the regular swinging door wardrobes with sliding ones so that it doesn’t block space while opening.

The dressing mirror can also be attached to one of the wardrobe doors so that you don’t have to place another piece of furniture.

Make wise use of corners

Corners may appear like a waste space, but in reality, most people don’t know how to optimally use it.

You can maximize your space by installing shelves in these corners, a small tri-fold cabinet, or even some artwork. Whatever it may be, don’t leave those so-called “awkward” spaces empty.


Other than the ideas mentioned, there are numerous other things you can do to save space, such as installing a foldable study table or buying a sofa-cum-bed. But if you’re looking for a complete makeover, it’s best to consult a professional who will help you with a custom design!

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