Dashiell Cooper: Biography, Age, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

Dashiell Cooper is a name that stands out in American rock music. He’s not just another musician; he’s a true rockstar, born into a family of music legends. As the son of the iconic Alice Cooper and talented choreographer Sheryl Goddard, it’s no surprise that Dash has a natural flair for the spotlight.

Dash, who was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on June 3, 1985, will have been a part of the rock music history for 38 years as of 2024. However, he is more than just his glitz and celebrity. A deeper look at Dash Cooper’s life is provided on this page, along with information about his relationships, family history, and distinctive characteristics.

Come along as we examine the amazing life of Dash Cooper, a man whose presence in the music business perfectly embodies the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. Learn about his life, from his illustrious ancestry to his individual achievements, and understand why he remains a pivotal player in the rock music industry.

Quick Information

Full/Real name Dashiell Cooper
NicknameDash Cooper
Birth date June 3, 1985
BirthplacePhoenix, United States
Current ResidenceChicago, Illinois, United States
Age (As of 2024)38 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
Ethnicity Mixed 
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherAlice Cooper
MotherSheryl Goddard
SiblingsSisters: Sonora Cooper, Calico Cooper
Marital statusMarried
SpouseSheryl Goddard
Children3: Falcon Cooper and Riot Cooper (Twin, Rexington King Cooper
Famous ForAs a Singer and son of Alice Cooper
ProfessionRock Musician, Singer
Net worth$40 Million

How is Dashiell Cooper?

Dashiell Cooper, better known as Dash Cooper, is a celebrated American rock musician recognized as the frontman of the band CO-OP. While he carries the legacy of his famous father, Alice Cooper, Dash has carved out his own identity through his musical prowess and leadership within CO-OP. The band has collaborated with numerous esteemed artists, showcasing Dash’s distinctive musical style and influence in the rock genre. His combination of innate talent and familial ties to rock music royalty has solidified his standing as a prominent figure in both the media and the music industry.

Dashiell Cooper Early Life?

Dashiell Cooper was born on June 3, 1985, in Phoenix, Arizona, a city known for its vibrant cultural scene. Born under the astrological sign of Gemini, he embodies traits of adaptability, versatility, and a friendly demeanor. As a member of the Caucasian ethnic group, which represents the largest demographic in the United States, Dash proudly holds American nationality, rooted in the rich cultural heritage of his birthplace.

Raised in a household immersed in music and artistry, Dash’s formative years were influenced by the creative atmosphere that surrounded him. Growing up as the son of Alice Cooper, an iconic figure in music, Dash naturally gravitated towards the world of music. This familial foundation played a crucial role in shaping his career path, inspiring him to pursue his passion as the dynamic frontman of the band CO-OP. Carrying forward a legacy of musical talent, Dash continues to make his mark in the realm of rock ‘n’ roll, celebrated for his skills as a musician and performer.

Who Are Dashiell Cooper Family?

Dashiell Cooper’s parents are indeed notable figures in the entertainment realm. His father is the renowned rock singer Alice Cooper, while his mother is the esteemed choreographer Sheryl Goddard. Alice Cooper, born Vincent Damon Furnier, has made an indelible mark on the music scene with his distinctive style and iconic hits. Meanwhile, Sheryl Goddard’s contributions to the arts as a talented dancer and choreographer have also earned her recognition within the industry. Together, Alice Cooper and Sheryl Goddard form a dynamic duo whose influence extends far beyond the stage, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of entertainment.

Alice Cooper: (A Legendary Rock Star)

Dashiell Cooper’s lineage is steeped in music history, as his father is none other than the legendary rock icon, Alice Cooper. Born Vincent Damon Furnier on February 4, 1948, Alice Cooper has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his electrifying performances and timeless hits spanning more than five decades. Known for his distinctive raspy voice, Alice Cooper’s stage presence is as iconic as his chart-topping songs such as “School’s Out” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy.”

Throughout his remarkable career, Alice Cooper has transcended mere fame to embody the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion and artistic innovation. His extravagant stage productions have enthralled audiences globally, cementing his legacy as one of the foremost figures in rock music history. Continuously inspiring generations of music enthusiasts, Alice Cooper remains a true pioneer whose influence resonates across the music world and beyond.

Sheryl Goddard: Dashiell Cooper mother

Sheryl Goddard, the mother of Dashiell Cooper, is a woman of many talents, with dance flowing through her veins since her birth in 1957 in the United States. Renowned as a dancer, she has carved her path as a choreographer and a graceful ballerina. Despite preferring to maintain a low-key presence, Sheryl’s significance in the life of her husband, Alice Cooper, isn’t overlooked. Alice, a prominent figure in the music industry, often showers praises upon her, referring to her affectionately as the “greatest girl in the world” in interviews with the press. It’s evident that Sheryl’s influence extends far beyond the stage, contributing to the love and admiration she garners from those closest to her.

Dashiell Cooper Brothers and Sisters

As the middle child in his family, Dashiell Cooper grew up alongside two sisters, each carving their own paths in their respective fields. His elder sister, Calico Cooper, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, known for her diverse talents that span acting, dancing, and performing alongside their father, Alice Cooper, in his live shows. Calico brings a dynamic presence to the stage, embodying the Cooper family’s penchant for theatricality and creativity.

On the other hand, Sonora Cooper, the youngest sibling, has also pursued her own interests, albeit with a lower public profile compared to her siblings. While less publicly visible, Sonora shares the Cooper family’s artistic roots and is known to support her siblings’ endeavors.

Sonora Cooper: A Creative Force

The youngest of the Cooper siblings, Sonora, was born in the US in 1992. While her husband, Diego Diaz, contributes his skills as an audio engineer and music producer to their successful collaboration, she has discovered her passion in makeup artistry. They moved to the thriving metropolis of Los Angeles together, where they follow their passions and add to the city’s creative scene. With the support of a creative, talented, and tenacious legacy, the Cooper siblings continue to leave their impact on the globe as they pursue their individual careers.

Dashiell Cooper is also a musician

It’s no secret that talent runs deep in the Cooper family, extending beyond Alice Cooper himself. Dashiell Cooper, known for his musical talents, takes center stage as a singer and songwriter for the rock band CO-OP. Unlike his siblings, Dashiell stands as the sole sibling fully immersed in the world of music. However, his elder sister Calico, a versatile artist who dabbles in music, acting, and directing, also carves her unique path in the industry. Both siblings share a common vision – to establish themselves in the music realm without solely relying on their father’s renowned legacy.

Dashiell recognizes their father, Alice Cooper,’s influence and occasional collaboration despite their resolve to find their own identities. In honest interviews, Dashiell highlights their shared goal of achievement based on their individual skills. While they aspire for independence, they value their time jamming with their father and recognize his support in their musical path. He says these moments are invaluable, blending family and music into a tapestry of passion and creativity.

Dashiell Cooper pursues a career in music as well?

The Cooper family is renowned for its abundant talent, which transcends the fame of Alice Cooper himself. Dashiell Cooper, celebrated for his musical prowess, takes the spotlight as the lead singer and songwriter of the rock band CO-OP. Unlike his siblings, Dashiell stands as the sole family member deeply entrenched in the music industry. However, his elder sister Calico, a multifaceted artist exploring music, acting, and directing, also forges her distinct path in the field. Both siblings share a common aspiration – to establish their own identities in the music scene without solely relying on their father’s esteemed legacy.

While acknowledging their father, Alice Cooper’s influence and occasional collaborations, Dashiell emphasizes their determination to carve out their individual paths. In candid interviews, Dashiell underscores their shared pursuit of success based on their unique talents. Despite their quest for independence, they cherish the moments spent playing music with their father and acknowledge his unwavering support in their musical endeavors. These experiences, blending family and music, hold immeasurable value, weaving together a tapestry of passion and creativity.

Dashiell Cooper Kids

Dashiell Cooper and his wife, Morgan Cooper, share a heartwarming journey characterized by love, challenges, and cherished moments. Their story is a testament to resilience and the power of enduring love amidst life’s ups and downs.

Dashiell, known to many as Dash Cooper, found his soulmate in Morgan, with whom he embarked on a journey of companionship and mutual support. Their relationship blossomed, rooted in a deep connection and shared values. Morgan, known for her warmth and unwavering support, has been a pillar of strength for Dash through various stages of their lives together.

Their Twin Boys: Falcon and Rio

Their journey took a significant turn in mid-2014 when they joyously announced the upcoming arrival of twin boys. However, excitement turned to concern as Morgan faced a challenging pregnancy, requiring extended bed rest. Despite the obstacles, their resilience paid off when Falcon and Rio entered the world in November of that year, bringing immeasurable joy into their lives.

During Falcon and Rio’s recent birthday celebration, their father embraced the digital stage, sharing his deep emotions on social media. He reminisced about the passage of time, marveling at how his once tiny twins had blossomed into young boys. Overflowing with love and gratitude, his heartfelt message captured the essence of fatherhood, cherishing the treasured moments they’ve shared and the journey they’ve embarked on together.

Morgan Journey and Talents

Despite the family’s difficulties, Morgan, a cosmetology student, continues to showcase her talent and originality. Her Instagram profile reflects her passion for beauty, her vibrant personality, and her unwavering faith. Through life’s challenges, Dash and Morgan nurture a strong, compassionate, and faith-filled family anchored in steadfast love.

Dashiell Cooper Financial Success

Dashiell Cooper, the son of Vincent Damon Furnier, renowned as Alice Cooper, has carved his unique journey to success. Inspired by his father’s legacy, Dashiell has established himself in the music industry and beyond. With a net worth of $40 million, he flourishes in various endeavors, spanning music, hospitality ventures, and acting. Meanwhile, his mother, Sheryl Cooper, holds a net worth of one million dollars, reflecting her remarkable talents and extensive career as a backdrop dancer for Alice Cooper’s tours.

Dashiell Cooper Current Relationship Status

In Dashiell Cooper’s personal life, he finds joy in the warmth of companionship with his beloved wife, Morgan Cooper. They began their journey together in a heartfelt wedding ceremony back in 2011, marking the start of their lifelong adventure side by side. Since then, they’ve shared countless moments, dreams, and an unbreakable bond of love.

As husband and wife, Dash and Morgan navigate life’s ups and downs together, finding solace and strength in each other’s arms. Their connection, built on promises of love and commitment, acts as a constant source of support amidst life’s unpredictable twists and turns. Together, they cherish the beauty of their partnership, nurturing their relationship with care and devotion, and creating a sanctuary of love and understanding in a world full of possibilities.

Social Media

Absolutely, you’ll discover Dashiell Cooper active on Instagram under the username “@dash_co_op.” Though he may not maintain a constant presence like some high-profile personalities, he does grace the platform with periodic posts, offering glimpses into his life and endeavors.

On his Instagram feed, you’ll encounter a blend of music snippets, personal milestones, and snapshots of family moments. Dashiell’s Instagram serves as a window into his world, providing fans with a more personal connection and updates on his recent ventures, even if his follower count isn’t as massive as some of his peers’.

Final Words

The son of choreographer Sheryl Goddard and rock icon Alice Cooper, Dashiell Cooper, has established himself in the music business. Born in Phoenix, Arizona on June 3, 1985, Dash Cooper grew up surrounded by art, which influenced his career as a rock musician. Dash uses his innate musical talent and enthusiasm as the captivating frontman of the band CO-OP, garnering acclaim for his distinctive contributions to rock ‘n’ roll.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dash’s personal life is filled with joy and resilience. Married to Morgan Cooper since 2011, the couple has three children: twin boys Falcon and Rio, and their younger son, Rexington King. Despite facing challenges, including the loss of a child, Dash and Morgan continue to nurture their family’s strong bond. With a net worth of $40 million, Dashiell Cooper’s legacy is a blend of his familial heritage and his individual accomplishments, cementing his place in the rock music world.

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